HPFF Diagnosis

Determine where you stand as a Finance Function: you are only traveling if you know where you are and where you (approximately) want to go.

For whom?

  • Leaders in Finance and/or
  • Finance professionals who want to bring their Finance function a step further

Why organizations choose a diagnosis

Finance Functions use the diagnosis to:

  • To take a path or process towards better performance for the Finance Function.
  • To give substance to an off-site or team day of the Finance function and to jointly discuss improvement themes with the finance department.

This is how we conduct a diagnosis

The diagnosis is a calibration and self-assessment on the factors of HPFF. A diagnosis creates perspective with which you can move forward as a professional and as a Finance team. We use a questionnaire, interviews and a workshop to map out the status within the department and beyond. We then make a diagnosis: we analyze the results, discuss where opportunities lie and how we can make structural improvements.

The off-site generally looks like this:

  • Introduction to the HPO and HPFF philosophy
  • Feedback of the results
  • Discussing the results based on three questions:
    • How should we interpret results?
    • What does the finance function look like at 2 points higher?
    • What steps can we take to get there?
  • Wrap up and converting food-for-thought into actions

The advantage of experience

We see many departments, in very different organizations, struggling with similar challenges. The advantage of our many years of experience in financial departments: we know the most common pitfalls and help you navigate around them. We can compare with other organizations that have completed the diagnosis. We understand that the solution is always a combination of a number of factors. So we look at work-related improvements, but also at strategic improvements, personal development and smart IT-solutions.

What does it bring?

  • Insight into which factors and obstacles (entire Finance function and per department) need priority.
  • An answer to what the finance function will look like in three years.
  • An overview of improvement ideas, suggested and therefore supported by the employees of the finance function itself.