HPFF Inspiration workshop or masterclass

Get inspired with your Finance function: thinking about
the Finance Function in 5 years gives direction for improvement for tomorrow.

For whom?

  • Leaders in Finance
  • Finance professionals who want to bring their Finance Function a step further

Why organizations choose an inspiration workshop or a master class

  • Getting ideas for improving your own finance function.
  • Learn from enticing perspectives from high performing finance functions.
  • Giving the finance function a stimulating kick-off for a change and transformation campaign toward high-performance.
  • Exchanging experiences with financial colleagues using HPO as a guideline.
  • Educate colleagues in the HPO and HPFF philosophy.

This is how we do a workshop or masterclass

A workshop or masterclass is always tailor-made and we adapt it to the needs of the Finance function. We always start with an introduction to HPO and HPFF philosophy. Then we can go deeper into all kinds of themes. Such as, for example:

  • Zooming in on themes / studies already done (see our foundation).
  • Examples of HPO organizations.
  • Discussion of the trends within the FF, based on FFR&D research.
  • Ask-the-expert session.
  • Guest speakers from our network who zoom in on themes.
  • Best ideas for the Finance Function.

Interactivity is an important ingredient in our approach. Break-outs and feedback on specific questions are part of the set-up. We conclude with promotions for the day after the workshop.

Ideas from literature and practice

Best ideas are inspiring. Combining best ideas leads to insights. If these insights are thoroughly scientifically substantiated, the insights become more meaningful. And with that, financial functions and organizations can be inspired to apply in their own practice.

We try to contribute to this by regularly conducting studies on themes and sharing these insights. We conduct our own research – together with finance professionals. We substantiate these insights in scientific journals (see our foundation). We get our own inspiration from articles and books and bundle them. We speak to many Finance professionals in our assignments and interim assignments. We are always looking for applicability, practical implementation and experience expertise that substantiate the insights gained.

What does it bring?

  • Knowledge about the high-performing organization and the high-performing Finance Function
  • Food-for-thought to pick up later at your own pace
  • Improvement ideas to apply in your own practice
  • A fresh look from the outside at your Finance Function