What we do

The FFR&D Center supports finance functions with inspiration, diagnoses and guidance to help them develop further into a high-performing finance function. The philosophy of high-performing organizations and high-performance financial functions is the common thread in everything we do.

FFR&D offers three types of services:

HPFF Workshop or masterclass: day or part of the day in which HPO and HPFF are central, ideas are exchanged and inspiration is gained in the lecture variant (masterclass) or the more interactive variant (workshop).

HPFF Diagnosis: day where HPO and HPFF are introduced, the results of the diagnosis of the own financial department are discussed and the steps to be taken are determined interactively. Useful instrument for filling in a study day or team (building) days with the financial function. The diagnosis can be expanded with interviews with key players in and around the financial function. The diagnosis can be seen as the start of a process to be used by the organization towards higher performance

HPFF Transformation: process in which HPO and HPFF are introduced, the diagnosis day is the start of a change process on the way to high performance. The pioneers in the financial function drive and coach the financial function to a higher level with existing capacity. After all, the organization has to do it itself. FFR&D provides guidance at an appropriate distance. Supporting the concept of HPFF coaches (leaders), trained through masterclasses, FFR&D indirectly stimulates the change that the finance function itself monitors

HPFF Workshop
or masterclass
HPFF DiagnosisHPFF Transformation
Inspiration to do things differentlyVVV
Starting change processVV
Starting and coaching during change processV