To help our clients and finance professionals, we want to gain and share insights. We want to substantiate the insights with research and evidence-based studies. That is our foundation. We do this with an approach that is based on already known scientific work, development via a scientifically accepted approach and testing against practical experiences of financials.

In this way we want to make experiences workable and manageable for the practice of financials. In doing so, we apply a number of principles:

  • All our insights are based on research and our own practical experience.
  • We regularly conduct independent, evidence-based research in collaboration with financials from the field.
  • Our analyses and advice are holistic; they are about more than just the Finance department and consider all aspects that affect performance.
  • We focus on long-term change, not on hit-and-run results.
  • We increase our clients’ knowledge and development by offering them the tools with which they can bring about change themselves.


We are driven by curiosity. What is the financial function of the future? What will our field of expertise look like in 5, 10 or 25 years? Together we have more than 80 years of experience in finance, but we have the feeling that we have not learned anything yet. So we ask questions and do research to understand even better how finance departments contribute to the organization, how they create the most impact, how they find the balance between keeping a grip on the situation and anticipating the future. Our curiosity provides unique insights, which we are happy to share on this site and in various publications.

Holistic view

As a financial function, how do you make optimal use of your capacity? How do you combine routine activities with optimization and innovation? To answer these questions, you have to look beyond the hectic pace of daily work. Then it helps to call in experts who look at it from a different perspective. We not only zoom in on what is happening in the Finance department, but also look at the organization as a whole. In our research we include all factors that influence the success of the finance function.


We have been researching trends and developments in HPFF for over more than 10 years. The experts at FFR&D regularly write about their experiences and insights in trade journals and online, and have published a number of leading books on high performance financial functions. By doing evidence-based research, conducting trend research and collaborating with the best financials who test our ideas in practice, we know better than anyone how the best high-performance financial functions work. And how we can help organizations to transform. Not temporarily, but structurally.