Factor: Strategic Role

The HPFF factor ‘Strategic Role’ relates to the way in which the organization, and especially the operation, views the finance function. The relevant characteristics are as follows: the finance function is a full-fledged discussion partner at the strategic level; the finance function has an important say in all decisions of strategic importance; the finance function is spontaneously asked for advice by other departments when making an important decision; the finance function is actively involved in all major projects and processes of the organization; and the finance function is increasingly adding value to the business. In the context of this factor, there is also a great deal of emphasis on the collaboration between the finance function and the business: the finance function actively seeks opportunities for collaboration with the business; and the finance function also regularly examines—together with the business—the possibilities of adding value to the business. Enabling foresight and forecasting is an important part of fulfilling the strategic role: the finance function adjusts the forecast proactively based on important events; in addition, the forecast most recently adjusted by the finance function always leads important management decisions.