Building the High Performance Finance Function

The finance function can be regarded as the spider in the organizational web, as it has relations with every part of the organization and is also represented on the executive board. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that this function takes the lead by quickly transforming itself into a high-performance finance function (HPFF), serving as a role model for other functions in the organization.

Building the High-Performance Finance Function describes the development of the high-performance finance function (HPFF) framework and explores the experiences, lessons learned, and results achieved by finance functions that have transformed themselves into “HPFFs,” or high-performance finance functions, using the HPFF framework. Covering a range of topics such as excellence in finance and high-performance organizations, it is ideal for industry professionals, teachers, researchers, academicians, practitioners, and students.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 The Basis: The High Performance Organization Framework
  • Chapter 2 Current Situation of the Finance Function
  • Chapter 3 Ideas for Improving the Finance Function
  • Chapter 4 Design of the High-Performance Finance Function Framework
  • Chapter 5 Set-Up of the HPFF: Environments, Roles, and Profiles
  • Chapter 6 The HPFF Diagnosis
  • Chapter 7 Current HPFF State of Finance Functions
  • Chapter 8 Transformation Into the High-Performance Finance Function
  • Chapter 9 Best Ideas
  • Chapter 10 Future-Proofing the Finance Function

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