High Performance Managerial Leadership

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Learn how managers have transformed their teams and companies into envied high-performance organizations in this guide to nurturing successful managers at your organization, informed by the author’s ten-year study of applications of his High Performing Organization (HPO) Framework.

How can an organization learn to perform at a high level? The key is management. Based on years of intensive research and experience, AndrĂ© de Waal’s proven strategy for achieving positive organizational change can turn your company or team into a true High Performing Organization (HPO).

De Waal’s HPO Framework is the only management-improvement technique that has been developed on a solid scientific basis, validated through longitudinal site-level research, and developed over years of measuring organizational results. In this book, de Waal focuses on the activities and behaviors of managers in organizations that have successfully transformed themselves into HPOs. The author and his team closely followed and measured organizations that have adopted and applied the HPO Framework over many years, uncovering the secrets to creating successful and transformative managers through the use of HPO coaches, the application of “silo-busting” techniques to spur collaboration, and use of the HPO transformation success wheel.

The resulting data set, analytics, and lessons presented represent a treasure trove of actionable tools for achieving successful managerial and organizational change and improvement.


  • Leads readers through the process of successfully starting and completing organizational change
  • Finds background in the five HPO Framework Principles: Discipline, Speed (in communication, decision-making, action-taking), Constant Self-Improvement, Focus (external and internal), and Creative and Fact-Based Decision-Making
  • Draws parallels between these principals and their underlying 35 measurement characteristics, diagnostic tools, and the author’s insight from 20+ years of leading organizational change
  • Pairs each of the author’s five HPO Framework Principles with an accompanying technique and a case study to show the principles
  • Presents the HPO Diagnosis, a critical tool for companies to evaluate their current performance and identify areas in their organization that need to be strengthened for the company to become an HPO
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