Wednesday, 15 September 2021

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HPFF Diagnosis

What we do. An introduction into the HPO philosophy, an assessment on the status of the HPFF factors, feedback during a workshop with all employees of the financial function.

What does this diagnosis bring? Insight into which HPFF factors and obstacles (entire Finance and per department) need priority, an answer to what the finance function will look like in 3 years, and an overview of improvement ideas, suggested and therefore supported by the employees of the finance function themselves.

Inspiration HPFF workshop / masterclass

What we do. Facilitating (part of) a day of your financial function. With or without a diagnosis, but in any case with inspiration and food for thought.

What does the workshop bring? Knowledge about the high-performing organization and the high-performing finance function, improvement ideas to apply in your own practice, and a fresh look from the outside on your finance function.