Wednesday, 15 September 2021

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FFR&D, an abbreviation of Finance Function Research & Development Center.

FF – Our passion is to advance the Finance Functions of organizations. We help finance leaders and professionals in their quest for excellence: the journey to a high-performing finance function. We do this by providing inspiration, insights and ideas for improvement and by implementing and developing these together with the customer. We draw on decades of experience in the finance function and still work in the finance function for 2/3 of our time.

R&D – Research into high performance is our foundation. We continuously invest in research ourselves, by regularly developing research questions with financial experts and publishing them on a scientific basis. In this way we develop ourselves, we maintain a connection with practice and we remain relevant for finance professionals. Our insights and ideas for improvement are based on our own research and tested in practice. We tell these during events and we regularly bundle them in books or articles. In this way we help leaders and professionals from financial functions. And we encourage them to take the next step towards a high-performing finance role.