Start the further development of your finance function today: spend 10% of your time on change / improvement and the flywheel will turn

For whom?

  • Leaders in Finance
  • Finance professionals who want to take their Finance Function further

Why organizations opt for further development

Organizations are (further) developing their financial function to take a step towards better performance (high performance):

  • Get moving with the entire Finance Function ans involve all Finance professionals in the movement
  • Bringing coherence to the multitude of projects started in the past. There is often a tension between IT implementations and employee development, Digital transformation requires different skills from employees. Change requires employees who take responsibility, but who are also encouraged and coached.
  • At the same time, ensure a good balance between time needed to perform the current function and improvement time. Experience shows that with 10% improvement time enormous steps can be taken.

This is how we guide further development

The benchmark is the diagnosis on the factors of HPFF. It becomes clear where the challenges – and opportunities – for the finance department lie. The next step is to translate the diagnosis into concrete advice and practical improvement actions. We do this with the entire financial function. We deliver what departments need to get moving towards a true HPFF. From measurement and diagnosis to the ‘change story’, from training coaches to setting up kanban boards, from drawing up an action plan to sparring with financials. We close a cycle of 1.5 to 2 years with a second diagnosis. Experience shows that the HPFF scores have increased and that stimulates the start of the next improvement cycle.

This is what a further development can look like

  • HPFF Diagnosis – Together with the leaders of the finance function, we prepare a team day, carry out a diagnosis and discuss it on a team day
  • HPFF Action Plan – We help you create an action plan that will optimize your department or organization in a number of concrete steps
  • HPFF Coaches – The leaders in the finance function are sounding out pioneers to be ambassadors of the trajectory. This is what HPFF coaches call this: they facilitate a few half-days a month to work on the change
  • HPFF Masterclass – We offer professional guidance to the HPFF coaches in a theme day
  • HPFF workshops – We organize workshops on themes that have emerged from the diagnosis. Together with the coaches, we concretize improvement actions and then prioritize them. We develop kanban boards together to monitor progress
  • In-house training – Tailor-made training, given by the experienced trainers of FFR&D. Increase the knowledge and skills in the field of high performance finance functions within your department
  • HPFF Diagnosis number 2. Reflection and iteration – After each phase we plan a new diagnosis. In this way we come across new areas for improvement and we take performance to the next level.

Each change processes specific and should be supervised as much as possible by our own people from the finance function. FFR&D supports, stimulates, helps and coaches, depending of course on the desired support and sparring.

What does it bring?

  • Schwung in the finance function
  • Lower operating costs
  • More pro active and enthusiastic employees
  • More satisfied internal customers
  • Greater influence in the organization in strategic decisions
  • More business partnering with impact
  • More speed in change

Various studies show that a high-performing financial function for a longer period of time scores above average on all five factors. That is also our experience from practice.